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The inn "Au Mouton Blanc"

The inn "Au Mouton Blanc" is the only civilian building listed in literature dating back to the Middle Ages. This building and its annexes should be important for the activity of the town. Reason for which we pay special attention. The book of Messrs. Geubel and Gourdet says very little about it. The building was on the site of the bookshop "L'évasion" (former Hannick-Petit). Sheds overlooked an enclosed courtyard. Another house called "La Corne du Cerf" was facing him instead of the Dautun bakery (Renoy hardware store) today. These two buildings can be seen on Arenberg's map (Fig. 57) . The indications contained in the literature as well as a sober architecture were adopted to model this building (Fig. 58) .

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Fig.57 - The inns "Au Mouton Blanc" and "La Corne du Cerf"

Source : Arenberg Map 1609
Fig.58 - "Au Mouton Blanc" inn 3D modeling

Source : Blender 3D model of the author

A comparison of the inn with today's buildings is given below (Fig. 59).

( Swing the mouse "in" and "out" on the next image to see the comparison )

Fig.59 - "Au Mouton Blanc" inn