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The Castle chapel

Hidden on the map of Arenberg, at most you can guess the steeple in the courtyard in front of the Provost House. (Fig. 38) . The presence of a chapel is typical of the medieval fortifications of the Holy Germanic Empire on which depended the lordship of Neufchâteau. No trace of this chapel has reached us. The model is left here for reference. Probably simple architecture. (Fig. 39).

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Fig.38 - The castle chapel

Source : Arenberg Map 1609
Fig.39 - The chapel - 3D modeling

Source : Blender 3D model of the author

A virtual projection places the chapel between the foundations of the big tower and the vicarial house today (Fig. 40) . On the left is the tower of the entrance door to the castle whose contours are marked on the ground in front of the vicarial house. Some clues on Arenberg's map give a rough approximation of its dimensions.
( Swing the mouse "in" and "out" on the next image to see the comparison )

Fig.40 - The castle chapel - virtual projection