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The Townhouse

If its existence is acquired, nothing distinguishes the town house on Arenberg's map (Fig. 53) . Too small to be visible on the whole town, a sketch of the provost of Gerlache in 1793 gives more details on this building (Fig. 54) . This sketch reflects the typical general appearance of a medieval building and will therefore be taken as a reference for 3D modeling (Fig. 55) . This old town house stood at the center of the current Place de l'Hotel de Ville. This building housed both school and prison! On the first floor a wooden balcony was used for official publications (Ref [2]).

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Fig.53 - The Townhouse - 1609

Source : Arenberg Map 1609
Fig.54 - Sketch - 1793

Source : "Histoire du Pays de Neufchâteau. La ville. La seigneurie. Le Ban de Mellier" de A. Geubel et L. Gourdet, 1956. Editions J. Duculot.
Fig.55 - 3D model

Source : Blender 3D model of the author

This building was located on the Grand Place following a line of buildings that are now missing but still present in the last century (demolished in 1947) (Fig. 56) .
(Swing the mouse "in" and "out" on the next image to see the comparison)

Fig.56 - The Townhouse