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I leave you here a forum for an exchange of ideas : Click here to access the blog
Any info, criticism, etc., is welcome. Thank you !

I want to thank already already at this point :

Mr Arsène Geubel, Honorary President of the Club "Terre de Neufchâteau" for his sympathy shown during the presentation of this project

Mr Christian Kellen, owner of the reconstruction of the castle, for sharing his enthusiasm to go forward

Mr Luc Pierrard, Président of the Club "Terre de Neufchâteau", for all the rich documentation offered to date

In tribute to

Mr. Arsène Geubel (1913-2010) and Mr. Louis Gourdet (1897-1992), without whom the heritage of the Land of Neufchâteau would have been forgotten for ever

Mr Louis Lejeune (1937-2009), great defender of the heritage of the Terre de Neufchâteau

December 10   2018