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Castle entrance

Rebuilding the castle entrance from an excerpt from Arenberg's map (Fig. 26) can quickly become complicated. We distinguish a few elements however. This tower seems relatively high compared to the rest of the building. It is certainly massive in view of its exposure to the enemy who can enter the castle via the town and the Lombard. The arrows drawbridge indicated very clearly on the map of Arenberg is very particular. Details are given below (Fig. 27) . For the rest we will make the hypothesis of a system of defense with hoardings at its summit and archers in the masonry. The top of this tower could have been equipped with machicolations. Hard to demonstrate.

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Fig.26 - Castle entrance

Source : Arenberg Map 1609
Fig.27 - The drawbridge with arrows and the hourds

Source : "Initiation à l'architecture française" de Robert Bornecque, 2013. Presses Universitaires de Grenoble
Fig.28 - 3D model

Source :Blender 3D model of the author

A particularly interesting exercise is to project yourself into this castle from today's environment. This comparison is most instructive.

This projection in the past gives a massive impression of this medieval fortress like the powerful counts of Marck. (Fig. 29) . On the left we can see the castle's entrance door with its drawbridge. Freedom was taken here with the wooden hoardings at the top of this tower. No certainty about it. The Arenberg map may suggest machicolations at the top of this gateway. On the right we see the last tour discovered in 2007. It is interesting to compare the height of the towers of this high court with the height of the bell tower of the current church. All this verticality reinforces the power of the castle, which has now disappeared entirely. This is especially true for the big tower, rebuilt at its base and visible in the background.
(Swing the mouse "in" and "out" on the next image to see the comparison)

Fig.29 - Castle entrance