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Provost house

No direct description of the provost house in the Middle Ages has reached us. At most a sketch of the eighteenth century suggests a large house in masonry probably more refined as the enclosure and the towers of the castle (Fig. 34) . Bay windows with mullions (generally molded stone elements, which divide vertically a window and often associated with a horizontal cross) are characteristic on these mansions symbols of power and wealth. The stone wall of sandstone and (or) schist is most certainly coated. The entrance has a stoop. The steep roof is crossed by imposing fireplaces. Similar and contemporary buildings of the provost house in Neufchâteau still exist today (Fig. 35) .

The reconstruction gives only a general appearance of the building. Symbol of power, it was to be very comparable to the dimensions of the presbytery of today and dominant compared to all the dwellings of the town much smaller surface areas and less noble materials (mud, wood, timber, straw and wood roofing for the most part) (Fig. 36) .

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Fig.34 - Provost house - 1609

Source : Extrait carte d'Arenberg 1609
Fig.35 - Chappe Castle - 1540

Source :
Fig.36 - 3D Model

Source : Blender 3D model of the author

The virtual projection shows the similarity of buildings (Fig. 37) . Also note on the right the tower excavated in the garden of Dr. Simeon. The tower on the left is now completely gone.
(Swing the mouse "in" and "out" on the next image to see the comparison)

Fig.37 - Provost house